Gmail Parameters

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This document lists the parameters for various types of Gmail activity events. You can retrieve these events by calling UserUsageReport.get() with parameters=gmail:PARAMETER.

Name Type Description
is_gmail_enabled boolean If true, the user's Gmail service is enabled.
num_emails_exchanged integer The total number of emails exchanged. This is the total of num_emails_sent plus num_emails_received.
num_emails_received integer The number of emails received by the user.
num_emails_sent integer The number of emails sent by the user.
num_spam_emails_received integer The number of emails received by the user's marked as spam mail.
timestamp_last_access integer Last access timestamp
timestamp_last_imap integer Last imap access timestamp
timestamp_last_interaction integer Last interactive access timestamp
timestamp_last_pop integer Last pop access timestamp
timestamp_last_webmail integer Last web access timestamp