Mobile device search fields

When you search for devices, you can include fields with a value to narrow your search results.

You can perform some searches without a field to perform a global search. For example, you can search for the serial number with or without the serial field, and the results are similar.

When you use search fields, keep the following in mind:

  • Always include a colon (:) immediately after the field.
  • Make sure there are no spaces between the colon and the value, such as status:pending.
  • Enter dates and times using the formats in the following table:
FormSearchesSample searches
datetimeExactly on the given date or time2016-03-23 2016-04-26T14:23:05
datetime..datetimeWithin (inclusive) the given interval of date or time2016-03-23..2011-04-26
datetime..On or after the given date or time2016-04-26T14:23:05..
..datetimeOn or before the given date or time..2016-04-26T14:23:05


FieldValue typeOperatorDescriptionExample(s)
appsstring:Apps on users' Android devices if application auditing is turned on (see Android settings page > General settings)
  • apps:Calendar
  • apps:4.0.4-253145
bootloader_versionstring:Bootloader version on Android devices.bootloader_version:BHZ11e
brandstring:Brand name of mobile device.brand:google
build_numberstring:Build number of operating system.build_number:6.7.2_EDEM-18
carrierstring:Name of the mobile operator of the given device.carrier:Airtel
compromised_statusstring:Compromised device status.compromised_status:compromised compromised_status:uncompromised compromised_status:undetected
default_languagestring:Language settings on the device.default_language:English
emailstring:Email (matches and
encryption_statusstring:Encryption status of an Android device.
  • encryption_status:encrypted
  • encryption_status:not_encrypted
  • encryption_status:unsupported
endpoint_verification_cert_fingerprintstring:Fingerprint of a certificate reported by the Endpoint Verification client. Fingerprint refers to the unpadded Base64 value of the SHA-256 hash of the DER encoded certificate.Example: endpoint_verification_cert_fingerprint:3dputW0W79tfvdGY4HD6fPm6VNzlG+x0TRVFvtQnWik
endpoint_verification_cert_thumbprintstring:Thumbprint of a certificate reported by the Endpoint Verification client. Thumbprint refers to the SHA-1 hash of the DER encoded certificate written as a hexadecimal string.Example: endpoint_verification_cert_thumbprint:0484c31611dbb49d394d7cf3750ed70edf664fbb
hardwarestring:Hardware for an Android device.Example: hardware:bullhead
hidstring:Hardware ID.hid:A0000292789YD
idstring:Alphanumeric string (with numbers and alphabetic characters) that identifies this device for mobile device
imeistring:International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of the device.imei:353020051574987
kernel_versionstring:Kernel version.kernel_version:3.1.10-g1e42d16
mac_addressstring:WiFi MAC address of the device.mac_address:30:85:a9:59:d5:ed
management_typestring:Devices managed by the specified management type.
  • management_type:advanced
  • management_type:basic
manufacturerstring:Manufacturer of an Android device.manufacturer:LGE
meidstring:Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) of the device; only for Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) devices.meid:A0954742789012
modelstring:Name of the device modelmodel:nexus s
namestring:Given words in usernames.
  • name:joe (matches name Joe Sabia but not Joel Ortiz)
  • name:Joe Sabia (matches name Joe Sabia and Joe Sabia Daniels but not Joey Sabia or Joe The Pun Champ Sabia)
osstring:Name of the mobile operating system.
  • os:Android
  • os:ios 9
ownerstring:Owner of the device.owner:company, for corporate owned device, or owner:byod for all devices owned by user with name "boyd."
privilegestring:Android devices that have a work profile set up.
  • privilege:device_owner – Find corporate-owned devices configured to recognize the company as the device owner.
  • privilege:profile_owner – Find users’ personal devices configured with managed work profiles that are separate from their personal space.
  • privilege:device_admin – Find users’ personal devices configured with managed accounts within their personal space.
registerdate:Devices that were registered in the given time range.
  • register:2017-03-23
  • register:2017-04-05T13:42:00
security_patch_leveldate:Date of the last OS security update for an Android 6.0+ Marshmallow device.
  • security_patch_level:2017-08-05
  • security_patch_level:2017-08-05..2017-09-05
serialstring:Device serial number.serial:015d3fb66e241807
statusstring:Devices with the given Google Workspace provisioning status.

Supported values: account_wiped,

  • status:pending
  • status:approved
  • status:account_wiped
syncdate:Devices whose last policy sync was in the given time range.
  • sync:2017-03-23
  • sync:2017-03-23..2017-04-05T13:42:00
typestring:Type of device.
  • type:android
  • type:googlesync
  • type:ios