Google Product and SKU IDs

In this version of the API, the API supports these Google products and related Stock Keeping Units (SKUs).

Product ID Product Name SKU ID SKU Name
Google-Apps G Suite 1010020020 G Suite Enterprise
Google-Apps-Unlimited G Suite Business
Google-Apps-For-Business G Suite Basic
1010060001 Drive Enterprise
Google-Apps-Lite G Suite Lite
Google-Apps-For-Postini Google Apps Message Security
101031 G Suite Enterprise for Education 1010310002 G Suite Enterprise for Education
1010310003 G Suite Enterprise for Education (Student)
Google-Drive-storage Google Drive storage Google-Drive-storage-20GB Google Drive storage 20 GB
Google-Drive-storage-50GB Google Drive storage 50 GB
Google-Drive-storage-200GB Google Drive storage 200 GB
Google-Drive-storage-400GB Google Drive storage 400 GB
Google-Drive-storage-1TB Google Drive storage 1 TB
Google-Drive-storage-2TB Google Drive storage 2 TB
Google-Drive-storage-4TB Google Drive storage 4 TB
Google-Drive-storage-8TB Google Drive storage 8 TB
Google-Drive-storage-16TB Google Drive storage 16 TB
Google-Vault Google Vault Google-Vault Google Vault
Google-Vault-Former-Employee Google Vault - Former Employee
101001 Cloud Identity 1010010001 Cloud Identity
101005 Cloud Identity Premium 1010050001 Cloud Identity Premium
101033 Google Voice 1010330003 Google Voice Starter
1010330004 Google Voice Standard
1010330002 Google Voice Premier