Open Measurement with the Mobile Ads SDK

Open Measurement is an IAB standard that allows publishers to use third-party viewability providers to verify impressions and click measurements. The Google Mobile Ads SDK for iOS supports Open Measurement beginning with SDK version 7.43.0. This and later versions of the Mobile Ads SDK integrates with the Open Measurement SDK (OM SDK) to enable third-party viewability measurements.

The OM SDK is an implementation of the Open Measurement Interface Definition (OMID), which defines an API that any third-party verification provider can use to effectively measure ads served to any mobile SDK that implements that API.


  • Google Mobile Ads SDK 7.43.0 or higher.

Implement Open Measurement

Once you've configured your viewability provider in the Ad Manager UI and configured your line item to use that viewability provider, you're ready to enable Open Measurement in your app. For most ad formats, there is no additional setup needed for Open Measurement to work.

The Mobile Ads SDK supports Open Measurement automatically in the following formats:

  • Banner
  • Interstitial
  • Rewarded
  • Native
  • Native Custom ad formats that use video

The Mobile Ads SDK also supports Native Custom display ads with some additional configuration. For instructions on using Native Custom display ads with Open Measurement, refer to Display-type Custom Native Ad Formats and Open Measurement.

Ensure that transparent overlays are non-obstructing

For an ad to not be considered blocked, the view that is obscuring the ad must have one of these settings:

  • alpha = 0, or,
  • isHidden = TRUE

It doesn't matter if the obscuring view has a transparent background—the view's alpha and visibility values are what determine whether the view is blocking your ad.

If the Open Measurement SDK detects an obstruction over the ad, it could impact whether a viewability provider considers the impression viewable. To fix this, set your view's alpha to 0 or set isHidden to TRUE.


Be aware of the following when implementing Open Measurement:

  • You must check with the mediation partner to learn if they support Open Measurement for ads they render.

  • Ads that are obscured by overlaying views might not register viewability measurements. For more information, refer to Ensure that transparent overlays are non-obstructing.

  • On test devices, including the iOS simulator, the Test Ad label is detected as non-obstructing to the ad view.