GYP to GN Migration Changes

This file tracks changes to configuration meta build configuration variables in the GYP to GN migration. Reference the table below to find the correct GN equivalent to a changed variable, deprecated GYP variables not in GN, and added variables.

Variable Changes

GYP GN GN import
OS ("starboard"/other) is_starboard (true/false) (global)
clang (0/1) is_clang (true/false) (global)
has_input_events_filter is_internal_build (true/false) (global)
has_drm_system_extension is_internal_build (true/false) (global)
has_cdm is_internal_build (true/false) (global)
has_private_system_properties is_internal_build (true/false) (global)
sb_pedantic_warnings (0/1) has_pedantic_warnings (true/false) (global, see "Compiler Options" note)
sb_deploy_output_dir sb_install_output_dir //starboard/build/config/base_configuration.gni
sb_evergreen (0/1) sb_is_evergreen (true/false) //starboard/build/config/base_configuration.gni
sb_evergreen_compatible (0/1) sb_is_evergreen_compatible (true/false) //starboard/build/config/base_configuration.gni
sb_evergreen_compatible_libunwind (0/1) sb_evergreen_compatible_use_libunwind (true/false) //starboard/build/config/base_configuration.gni
sb_disable_cpp14_audit (none)
sb_disable_microphone_idl (none)
starboard_path (none)
tizen_os (none)
includes_starboard (none)
(none) has_platform_tests (true/false) //starboard/build/config/base_configuration.gni
(none) has_platform_targets (true/false) //starboard/build/config/base_configuration.gni
(none) install_target_path (true/false) //starboard/build/config/base_configuration.gni

Other Changes

GYP GN Notes (see below)
'STARBOARD_IMPLEMENTATION' "//starboard/build/config:starboard_implementation" Starboard Implementation
optimize_target_for_speed (0) "//starboard/build/config:size" Optimizations
optimize_target_for_speed (1) "//starboard/build/config:speed" Optimizations
compiler_flags_*_speed speed_config_path Optimizations
compiler_flags_*_size size_config_path Optimizations


  • Starboard Implementation: If your platform defined STARBOARD_IMPLEMENTATION in its implementation, you would now add the above config with configs += ["//starboard/build/config:starboard_implementation"].

  • Optimizations: Cobalt defaults to building targets to optimize for size. If you need to optimize a target for speed, remove the size config and add the speed config with configs -= [ "//starboard/build/config:size" ] and configs += [ "//starboard/build/config:speed" ]. You can define these configurations for your platform by creating configs and pointing to the correct ones for speed_config_path and size_config_path in your platform's platform_configuration/configuration.gni file.

  • Compiler Options: Cobalt compiles some targets with stricter, platform-dependent settings than others. Before these targets would opt into the stricter settings by setting sb_pedantic_warnings: 1 in their variables section. Now targets will be compiled with pedantic warnings if the target sets has_pedantic_warnings=true. The additional config that is used to compile these targets is specified with the pedantic_warnings_config_path and no_pedantic_warnings_config_path variables in your platform's platform_configuration/configuration.gni file.