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Geographical places can become well known for a particular subject along a theme, such as being a go-to place for Chinese restaurants. When this happens, various websites often recognize a place by publishing a theme-based list for that place, such as "Top 10 Chinese restaurants in NYC."

The Google Top Places List displays themed lists from authoritative publishers so that users can browse through selections from a trusted source as they decide where to go. For example, if a user types The RedFarm restaurant NYC into their mobile device, Google Search results can display a number of lists that mention that restaurant, each of which is published by a different provider.


In order to have your list considered for inclusion in the Top Places List feature, it must first meet these criteria:

  • Top Places List must be curated by the content provider, be genuine, independent, and not sponsored.
  • Top Places List must not be templated sentences built from data or automated metrics.
  • Top Places List must not contain vulgar or potentially offensive language.

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