Software App (BETA)

Markup software application information in the body of a web page to better display your app details in Google search results.

Screenshot of rich result for a software application in search results


We are in the process of implementing JSON-LD support for this rich results type. At the current time, we recommend using microdata or RDFa.


Here's an example of a software app in JSON-LD:


Here's an example of a software app in RDFa:


Here's an example of a software app in Microdata:

Here's how this sample works:

  • Each listed app is enclosed in a <div>, like this:
    <div itemscope itemtype="">

    itemscope indicates that the HTML enclosed in the <div> is an item, and itemtype="" indicates that the item is a software app.

  • Each <div> describes properties of the app, such as its name, and required operating system. To label app properties, each element containing one of these properties, such as <div> or <span> is assigned an itemprop attribute. For example:
    <span itemprop="name">Angry Birds</span>
  • The app includes nested Review and Offer information.


The name property is required. In addition, rich results (previously known as rich snippets) are currently shown only for software applications that provide at least two of the following objects:

  • aggregateRating (including ratingValue and either ratingCount or reviewCount)
  • offers (including price and currency)
  • operatingSystem
  • applicationCategory

Structured data type definitions

You must include the required properties for your content to be eligible for display as a rich result. You can also include the recommended properties to add more information about your content, which could provide a better user experience.


The full definition of SoftwareApplication is available at

Required properties


The name of the app.

Recommended properties


The aggregate rating of the app.


Text or URL

The type of software application (for example, BusinessApplication or GameApplication). Must be one of the supported software application types.



An offer to sell the app. For developers, Offer can indicate the marketplaces that carry the application.For marketplaces, use to indicate the price of the application for a specific app instance.



Operating systems required (for example, "Windows 7", "OSX 10.6", "Android 1.6")

Extended properties for app subtypes

For mobile applications and web applications, Google also supports MobileApplication and WebApplication .

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