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These pages list the resources that can be queried in the API using SearchAds360Service.SearchStream or SearchAds360Service.Search. The resource names are linked to to their own page. On each page, the following lists are shown:

  • Artifacts (resources, segments, or metrics) that can be used in the same SELECT clause with the resource
  • Attributed resources whose fields will not segment metrics, when included in the same SELECT and WHERE clauses of these resource fields

Presented after those lists are the tables consisting of names of resource fields, segments, and metrics that can be included in a search query, when this resource is specified in the FROM clause. Each name is linked to the table that contains its metadata:

  • category
  • data type
  • type URL
  • filterable
  • selectable
  • sortable
  • repeated
This row indicates whether the field can be used in the conditions of the WHERE clause of the query.
This row indicates whether the field can be specified in the SELECT clause of the query.
This row indicates whether the field can be sorted and used in the ORDER BY clause of the query.
This row indicates whether the field is repeated, which should be handled as a list.

List of all resources

Resource types
ad_group An ad group.
ad_group_ad An ad group ad.
ad_group_bid_modifier Represents an ad group bid modifier.
ad_group_criterion An ad group criterion.
bidding_strategy A bidding strategy.
campaign A campaign.
campaign_audience_view A campaign audience view. Includes performance data from interests and remarketing lists for Display Network and YouTube Network ads, and remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA), aggregated by campaign and audience criterion. This view only includes audiences attached at the campaign level.
campaign_budget A campaign budget.
campaign_criterion A campaign criterion.
conversion_action A conversion action.
customer A customer.
customer_client A link between the given customer and a client customer. CustomerClients only exist for manager customers. All direct and indirect client customers are included, as well as the manager itself.
customer_manager_link Represents customer-manager link relationship.
keyword_view A keyword view.
location_view A location view summarizes the performance of campaigns by Location criteria.
product_group_view A product group view.
user_list A user list. This is a list of users a customer may target.