Attribution Reporting API developer guide

What you need to know to start working with the Attribution Reporting API.

Customize reports

Take advantage of the flexibility of the API.

Tools and Demos

These tools and demos will help you test and understand the API.

  • Attribution Reporting API demo. In this demo an advertiser uses an ad-tech provider to run their ads on a publisher site. See how the API generates event-level and aggregatable reports.
  • Measurement Simulation Library. Use historical data to see how it would look with the Attribution Reporting API.
  • Noise Lab. Use Noise Lab to experiment with different values to see the impact of noise.
  • Attribution Reporting Header Validator. Test out your headers to make sure you have the right fields for your API registrations.
  • Chrome attribution internals. This demo illustrates how you can use chrome://attribution-internals/, but you can just type it in your browser to see sources, triggers, and more.

Advanced concepts

The background you need to achieve your measurement outcomes.