GFPS Version Date Comment
V1.0 Initial release of the Google Fast Pair Service.
V2.0 11/15/2018 Expand spec to include account based pairing feature.
V3.0 02/05/2020 Expand spec to support advanced features beyond pairing. Added:
model ID characteristic
battery notification extension
personalized name
message stream
firmware revision
retroactively writing account key
removal of A2DP or HFP requirements.
V3.1 07/28/2020 Change to new GATT custom characteristics and indicate the old values are deprecated as of 2021/1/1.
V3.1.1 01/04/2024 Added Hearable Controls as an extension to support ANC.
V3.1.1 04/14/2024 Updated Hearable Controls to remove HMAC and nonce.
V3.1.2 04/08/2024 Added Find My Device Network
V3.2 01/13/2023 Added Audio switch.
V3.2 03/08/2023 Clarify the bit ordering in Device capabilities.
V3.2 07/17/2023 Updated the FAQ and help pages as part of a site reorg.
V3.2 08/31/2023 Deprecated Device Capabilities from Device Information and thus silence mode as well as Companion App Event.
V3.2 09/01/2023 Updated and split the shipping guidelines section into Shipping to Google and Shipping to 3PL for clarity.
Added redirects for the old FP pages.
V3.2 09/13/2023 Moved the Companion Apps and Cryptographic Test Vector Page to a better section. Added dedicated help sections for Manual TxPower Tuning.
V3.2 01/05/2024 Added Device Feature Requirements for different device types.
V3.2 05/20/2024 Clarify that Firmware Revision belongs in Device Information Service.
Added Firmware Revision in message stream.
Added Firmware Update Intent in Companion Apps.