Device Feature Requirements

This section describes how a device must work for FastPair functionality and includes the mandatory and optional features of GFPS that are required for certification.

Conformance Levels

The keywords “shall”, “must”, “will”, “should”, “may”, and “can” mentioned in the specification are explained below:

Term Description
shall is required to - used to define requirements.
must is used to express:
a natural consequence of a previously stated mandatory requirement
an indisputable statement of fact (one that is always true regardless of the circumstances).
will it is true that - only used in statements of fact.
should is recommended that - used to indicate that among several possibilities one is recommended as particularly suitable, but not required.
may is permitted to - used to allow options.
can is able to - used to relate statement in a causal manner.


All supported features shall meet FastPair Certification criteria and shall follow the FastPair Testing guideline & Certification process.

Self Test Report

The self test report for FastPair will be device dependent and can be found in each domain (Hearables, Automotive etc) section.