The Nearby platform makes it easy to discover nearby devices and establish communication with them. It uses technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, IP, and audio.

Discover and establish direct communication channels with other devices without having to be connected to the Internet. Enables seamless nearby interactions such as multiplayer gaming, realtime collaboration, forming a group, broadcasting a resource, or sharing content.

The Nearby Connections API is available for Android and iOS, and enables communication between the two platforms.

Nearby Messages is deprecated and will stop working as of December 2023. Please navigate to Nearby Connections for further support or Migration Guideline on how to migrate existing Nearby Messages usages to Nearby Connections.

Use the Nearby platform to enable one-tap pairing with Bluetooth devices.

Device manufacturers can implement the Fast Pair specification to enable an easier unboxing experience for users, and use the Devices console to manage their devices.