Creating a New Issue by E-mail

This page describes how to create a new issue by sending an e-mail to the Issue Tracker e-mail alias.

Before you begin:

Create the issue:

To create a new issue by e-mail:

  1. Address the e-mail.

    Use the following format for the e-mail address:

    where componentID is the ID number of the component where you want to report the issue.

    Additional parameters:

    You can use +pNUM to set the issue priority and +sNUM to set severity. For example, buganizer-system+9+p1+s2@ creates an issue in component number 9 with a priority of 1 and a severity of 2.

  2. (Optional) Add a subject line to the e-mail.

    Make the subject line a succinct description of the issue you are reporting. The subject becomes the title of the issue and is the first thing visible both in Buganizer searches and on the page dedicated to the issue.

  3. Add text to the body of the e-mail.

    Provide a full description of the issue you are reporting, including details such as why it is an issue, the specific circumstances in which you encountered the issue, and how the issue can be reproduced by someone else. This information appears as the first comment on the dedicated issue page.

  4. (Optional) Add attachments to the e-mail.

    Include any attachments, such as screenshots, that help others understand and evaluate the issue. Attachments appear in the first comment on the dedicated issue page.

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