Medium type. The Marketplace frontend (within DV360’s Inventory Module) includes different sections for inventory. "Digital: This includes publishers & auction packages spanning across Display, Video (incl. CTV & OTT) and Audio inventory." "TV: This is our newly launched dedicated section for discovering CTV & OTT inventory. CTV & OTT are defined as below: "Connected TV (CTV) includes all devices that fit into the following descriptions: - Connected or Streaming devices: Devices that connect to a TV screen to display video streams (Roku, Apple TV, etc.) - Smart TV: TVs with integrated Internet connections (Samsung Smart TV, etc.) - Gaming consoles: Internet-connected gaming consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, etc.) - Set top boxes: Devices delivering traditional cable and video on demand content." "Over the Top (OTT) means TV-like video content delivered by a video provider over the Internet outside the closed networks of telecom and cable providers. OTT Video can be viewed on desktop, mobile, tablet, as well as CTV or STB devices (as long as the content is delivered over IP for the latter). "Audio: This is a newly launched, dedicated section for audio inventory." "OOH: This is a newly launched, dedicated section for out of home inventory."

MEDIUM_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED Medium type unspecified.
MEDIUM_TYPE_DIGITAL Medium type digital.
MEDIUM_TYPE_TV Medium type TV.
MEDIUM_TYPE_AUDIO Medium type audio.
MEDIUM_TYPE_OOH Medium type out of home.