Beta Process

  1. Set up Auth
  2. Exchange Id gets assigned. Allow pushing Deals to designated test partners.
  3. Develop and Test
  4. Beta will be progress on per DV3 partner bases. Exchanges identify the first batch of Partners(less than 50) to enable for Beta testing.
    1. ALL new deals need to be Pushed for enabled partners via API
    2. ALL update for the newly created deals are expected to be pushed via API
    3. Updates of old deals can choose to be phased out in future integrations.
  5. Monitor, enable more batches.
  6. GA. ALL new deals need to be pushed via API.

Best practices

  1. Push deals as soon as they are created on exchange. This avoids delay for advertisers to see the deal.
  2. Work with DV3, advertisers, publishers to monitor beta.
  3. Be mindful about API usage. Discuss with the DV3 eng team if you expect to have a large number of QPS. (larger than 5/second should be discussed prior to integration)
  4. Avoid bursts of requests.