Generally speaking, a deal is an advertising inventory agreement between a buyer (advertiser or agency) and a seller (publisher or exchange). Depending on the specific type of deal, the terms, and implementation will vary.

Today, users are manually configuring and setting up deals in DV360. They work with their exchange counterparts to get the deal info (exchange deal id, deal type, price, flight dates, etc.) and enter this info in DV360 to create a new DV360 inventory source object to represent the deal. We’ve seen a lot of errors in this manual transfer of information, and it goes up as the seller / exchange makes changes subsequently (e.g. lower price, extended flight date). In addition, the process is time-consuming and painful, providing a subpar user experience for buyers.

We want to streamline this workflow by building a standard API workflow for Exchanges to manage the deal information from exchanges and creating / updating the corresponding DV360 inventory source object. This integration would significantly bring the number of misconfigured deals.

From Advertisers point of view, once a deal is synced over via API, they will first appear in the Negotiations Page as “Action required” where they can accept or archive. Once accepted, a new inventory source will be created in the My Inventory Page. For existing deals that have a corresponding inventory source already, Display & Video 360 will update it with the latest details from the exchange.

This reduces the amount of work needed for advertisers to set up a deal, and also eliminates the opportunity of human error when manually entering the deal info. The workflow also gives Advertisers an opportunity to review the deal before it gets created.