Line items control which ads are served, when they are served, and to whom they are served. This is dictated by numerous settings configured at the line item level and prescribed by parent resources. Through the Display & Video 360 API, you can create and update line items and other resources programmatically, allowing you to quickly adjust the creatives shown, budget used, or users targeted in the serving of your ads.

This guide describes how to create Display & Video 360 resources, assign line item targeting, and activate appropriate fields to begin serving ads.


Before you start working with Display & Video 360 API services, you'll need to complete the following steps:

  1. Create and authorize an API project as outlined in our Get Started guide.

  2. Ensure your Display & Video 360 user profile, identified by a user or service account email address, has "Read & write" user role permissions for the necessary advertiser or partner. Contact an existing "Admin" user on your team to have these permissions enabled, if necessary.