The optimized targeting launch has been postponed. Line items will continue to use the targeting expansion feature and the targetingExpansion field of the LineItem resource will continue to behave as it has previously.


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In Display & Video 360, you can use various audience types to specify a subset of users to which ads are served. Through the Display & Video 360 API, you can retrieve available audiences and use them in resource targeting. You can also create certain types of audiences using first-party data.

This guide describes the different types of audiences available through the Display & Video 360 API and how to utilize them in your ad serving.


Before you start working with Display & Video 360 API services, you'll need to complete the following steps:

  1. Create and authorize an API project as outlined in our Getting Started guide.

  2. Ensure your Display & Video 360 user profile, identified by a user or service account email address, has Read & write user role permissions for the necessary advertiser or partner. Contact an existing Read & write user on your team to have these permissions enabled, if necessary.