GCKMediaControlChannelResumeState enum


class  GCKMediaControlChannel
 A CastChannel for media control operations. More...
protocol  <GCKMediaControlChannelDelegate>
 The delegate for GCKMediaControlChannel notifications. More...


GCK_EXTERN NSString *const kGCKMediaDefaultReceiverApplicationID
 The receiver application ID for the Default Media Receiver. More...

Detailed Description

GCKMediaControlChannelResumeState enum.

Variable Documentation

GCK_EXTERN NSString* const kGCKMediaDefaultReceiverApplicationID

The receiver application ID for the Default Media Receiver.

Any operations which apply to a currently active stream (play, pause, seek, stop, etc.) require a valid (that is, non-nil) media status, or they will return kGCKInvalidRequestID and will not send the request. A media status is requested automatically when the channel connects, is included with a successful load completed respose, and can also be updated at any time. The media status can also become nil at any time; this will happen if the channel is temporarily disconnected, for example. When using this channel, media status changes should be monitored via the mediaControlChannelDidUpdateStatus: delegate callback, and methods which act on streams should be called only while the media status is non-nil.

If a request is successfully started, the corresponding method returns the request ID that was assigned to that request. If the request fails to start, the method returns kGCKInvalidRequestID and sets the lastError property to indicate the reason for the failure. If a request is successfully started but ultimately fails, the mediaControlChannel:requestDidFailWithID:error: delegate callback will be invoked to indicate the failure.

Google Cast iOS Sender API Reference v 2.10.1 4691