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Class List

Class List
These are the classes and protocols of the Google Cast iOS API with descriptions.
GCKApplicationMetadataInformation about a first-screen application
GCKCastChannelA GCKCastChannel is used to send and receive messages that are tagged with a specific namespace
GCKCastContextA class containing global objects and state for the Cast SDK
GCKColorA class that represents an RGBA color
GCKDeviceAn object representing a first-screen device
GCKDeviceManagerControls a Cast device
<GCKDeviceManagerDelegate>The delegate for GCKDeviceManager notifications
GCKDeviceScannerA class that (asynchronously) scans for available devices and sends corresponding notifications to its listener(s)
<GCKDeviceScannerListener>The listener interface for GCKDeviceScanner notifications
GCKErrorThe class for all GCK framework errors
GCKFilterCriteriaFilter criteria for applications
GCKGenericChannelA generic GCKCastChannel implementation that defers processing of incoming events to a delegate, suitable for use when creating a namespace-specific subclass of GCKCastChannel is not desired
<GCKGenericChannelDelegate>The delegate for GCKGenericChannel notifications
GCKImageA class that represents an image that is located on a web server
GCKJSONUtilsUtility methods for working with JSON data
GCKLaunchOptionsReceiver application launch options
GCKLoggerA singleton object used for logging by the framework
<GCKLoggerDelegate>The GCKLogger delegate interface
GCKMediaControlChannelA CastChannel for media control operations
<GCKMediaControlChannelDelegate>The delegate for GCKMediaControlChannel notifications
GCKMediaInformationA class that aggregates information about a media item
GCKMediaMetadataContainer class for media metadata
GCKMediaStatusA class that holds status information about some media
GCKMediaTextTrackStyleA class representing a style for a text media track
GCKMediaTrackA class representing a media track
GCKSenderApplicationInfoContainer class for information about a sender application
NSDictionary(GCKAdditions)A category that adds some convenience methods to NSDictionary for setting and safely looking up values of various types

Google Cast iOS API v 2.6.0 1855