Profile best practices

Whether you customize pre-built designs or build your car profiles flows uniquely for the vehicle, be sure to follow best practices for designing profile flows.

Profile selection best practices

When designing a profile selection screen, it is best practice to:

  • Make profile selection easy: Design a way for users to see and select their profile.
  • Decide how many profiles you want to support.
  • Provide a way to add profiles: Create an “Add a profile” affordance.
  • Differentiate profiles from each other. Consider using color, profile images, or naming to create distinction.

For examples of the AAOS profile selection experience, see Selecting a profile.

Profile lock best practices

When designing profile lock flows, it is best practice to:

  • Offer multiple unlocking options: Create options for users to unlock their profile via PIN, password, or pattern.
  • Provide recovery flows (see best practices below) for users who may forget their password, to help them avoid using AAOS in a ‘guest’ state.

For examples of the the AAOS profile lock experience, see Locking a profile.

Profile recovery best practices

To create a positive experience for users who have forgotten their profiles lock, you can:

  • Provide alternative pathways forward: If a user has forgotten their profile lock, you can give them the option to add a new profile so they can continue to use the car’s infotainment system. To facilitate this, provide locked-out users an affordance to create a new Android user profile, create an alternate user profile, or choose to continue using a guest profile.
  • Offer a pathway back to profile selection: If a user arrives at the profile lock screen and can’t remember their lock, they should still have a pathway to continue. Ideally, users can access a ‘back’ affordance to return to the profile selection screen, where they can then create a new profile or continue as a guest.
Profile selection screen
Give users who’ve forgotten their password a pathway to back to profile selection