Adding favorites

Users can designate important or frequently accessed contacts as favorites in Dialer.

After doing so, they can select the Favorites tab to quickly access and call favorite contacts. Users can add new favorites either from the Favorites view or from the detail view of a contact card.

Viewing and calling favorites

Once users designate some contacts as favorites, they can:

  • Select the Favorites tab to see a grid view of their favorite contacts
  • Select a favorite from the grid to place a call to that person

Since each favorite is associated with only one phone number, selecting a favorite from the grid immediately places a call to that number.

Favorites screen view
Favorites are shown in a grid view

Adding favorites in the Favorites view

In the Favorites view, users can add a new favorite contact with the following steps:

  1. Select the “Add a favorite” button
  2. Identify the contact to be added
  3. Choose a phone number or numbers

1. Select “Add a favorite”

When a user selects the “Add a favorite” button, Dialer displays a scrollable list of contacts and a search bar.

Seacrh contacts to add a favorite contact

2. Identify a contact to add

After selecting “Add a favorite,” users can search for a contact in either of 2 ways:

  • Scroll through the list to select a contact
  • Use the “Search contacts” option

Selecting “Search contacts” brings up a keyboard that operates either by touch or by voice, depending on whether the car is parked or moving. In voice mode, users can say the letters or words they are searching for instead of typing them.

Starting search, keyboard displayed
The search keyboard appears on top of the contact list

Dialer uses the search criteria the user has typed or spoken to filter the contact list, showing only those contacts that match. The user can then select the contact to be added as a favorite.

3. Choose phone numbers

When the user selects a contact to add as a favorite, a dialog displays the phone number or numbers for that contact. The user can then select one or more contact numbers from the dialog.

Choosing from multiple numbers
In the dialog, the user chooses a phone number and selects “OK”

If the user selects multiple phone numbers, each number is added as a separate favorite.

Two favorite numbers selected for the same contact

Adding favorites in contact details

Users can also add favorites from the contact detail view of a contact. They do so using the toggle next to each phone number.

Adding favorites on the contact details screen
Users can select a phone number’s toggle to add the contact to Favorites with that number – or deselect the toggle to undo the addition