Viewing recent calls

The Recents view lists recent contacts in chronological order, with details of their call activities.

Users can scroll vertically through the list to view the types of call activity and the time elapsed since each contact’s most recent activity.

Call history showing most recent call activity
In this example, the user has placed three calls to Ashley Bae, with the most recent one being 15 minutes ago

Details displayed in the Recents view include:

  • Calls placed to a contact (green upward arrow)
  • Calls received from a contact (green downward arrow)
  • Missed calls (red arrow)
  • Time elapsed since most recent call activity
  • Total number of recent activities (in parentheses), if greater than 3

Users can select a contact in the list to place a call to the contact’s preferred number. They can also select a contact’s details icon on the right-hand side of the screen to see more information about the contact, such as a list of all the contact’s phone numbers.