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blockRendering.Renderer class

The base class for a block renderer.


export declare class Renderer implements IRegistrable 

Implements: IRegistrable


Constructor Modifiers Description
(constructor)(name) Constructs a new instance of the Renderer class


Property Modifiers Type Description
constants_ protected ConstantProvider The renderer's constant provider.
name protected string
overrides protected object | null Rendering constant overrides, passed in through options.


Method Modifiers Description
dispose() Dispose of this renderer. Delete all DOM elements that this renderer and its constants created.
getClassName() Gets the class name that identifies this renderer.
getConnectionPreviewMethod(closest, local, topBlock) Chooses a connection preview method based on the available connection, the current dragged connection, and the block being dragged.
getConstants() Get the current renderer's constant provider. We assume that when this is called, the renderer has already been initialized.
init(theme, opt_rendererOverrides) Initialize the renderer.
makeConstants_() protected Create a new instance of the renderer's constant provider.
makeDrawer_(block, info) protected Create a new instance of the renderer's drawer.
makeMarkerDrawer(workspace, marker) Create a new instance of the renderer's marker drawer.
makePathObject(root, style) Create a new instance of a renderer path object.
makeRenderInfo_(block) protected Create a new instance of the renderer's render info object.
orphanCanConnectAtEnd(topBlock, orphanBlock, localType) protected Checks if an orphaned block can connect to the "end" of the topBlock's block-clump. If the clump is a row the end is the last input. If the clump is a stack, the end is the last next connection. If the clump is neither, then this returns false.
refreshDom(svg, theme) Refresh the renderer after a theme change.
shouldHighlightConnection(_conn) Determine whether or not to highlight a connection.