blockly > FieldCheckbox

FieldCheckbox class

Class for a checkbox field.


export declare class FieldCheckbox extends Field<CheckboxBool> 

Extends: Field<CheckboxBool>


Constructor Modifiers Description
(constructor)(value, validator, config) Constructs a new instance of the FieldCheckbox class


Property Modifiers Type Description



(not declared) Default character for the checkmark.
CURSOR string Mouse cursor style when over the hotspot that initiates editability.
SERIALIZABLE boolean Serializable fields are saved by the serializer, non-serializable fields are not. Editable fields should also be serializable.
value_ boolean | null NOTE: The default value is set in Field, so maintain that value instead of overwriting it here or in the constructor.


Method Modifiers Description
configure_(config) protected Configure the field based on the given map of options.
doClassValidation_(newValue) protected Ensure that the input value is valid ('TRUE' or 'FALSE').
doValueUpdate_(newValue) protected Update the value of the field, and update the checkElement.
getText() Get the text of this field. Used when the block is collapsed.
getValue() Get the value of this field, either 'TRUE' or 'FALSE'.
getValueBoolean() Get the boolean value of this field.
initView() Create the block UI for this checkbox.
setCheckCharacter(character) Set the character used for the check mark.
showEditor_() protected Toggle the state of the checkbox on click.