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IBubble interface

A bubble interface.


export interface IBubble extends IDraggable, IContextMenu 

Extends: IDraggable, IContextMenu


Method Description
dispose() Dispose of this bubble.
getRelativeToSurfaceXY() Return the coordinates of the top-left corner of this bubble's body relative to the drawing surface's origin (0,0), in workspace units.
getSvgRoot() Return the root node of the bubble's SVG group.
moveDuringDrag(dragSurface, newLoc) Move this bubble during a drag, taking into account whether or not there is a drag surface.
moveTo(x, y) Move the bubble to the specified location in workspace coordinates.
setAutoLayout(enable) Set whether auto-layout of this bubble is enabled. The first time a bubble is shown it positions itself to not cover any blocks. Once a user has dragged it to reposition, it renders where the user put it.
setDeleteStyle(enable) Update the style of this bubble when it is dragged over a delete area.
setDragging(dragging) Sets whether or not this bubble is being dragged.