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blockly > ShortcutItems

ShortcutItems namespace


Enumeration Description
names Object holding the names of the default shortcut items.


Function Description
registerCopy() Keyboard shortcut to copy a block on ctrl+c, cmd+c, or alt+c.
registerCut() Keyboard shortcut to copy and delete a block on ctrl+x, cmd+x, or alt+x.
registerDelete() Keyboard shortcut to delete a block on delete or backspace
registerEscape() Keyboard shortcut to hide chaff on escape.
registerPaste() Keyboard shortcut to paste a block on ctrl+v, cmd+v, or alt+v.
registerRedo() Keyboard shortcut to redo the previous action on ctrl+shift+z, cmd+shift+z, or alt+shift+z.
registerUndo() Keyboard shortcut to undo the previous action on ctrl+z, cmd+z, or alt+z.