Console UI

The Actions console consists of three main areas.

Figure 1. The console's top menu (1), left menu (2), and editing area (3).

The top menu links to the main areas for Action development in the console.

Each area has a left menu that links to sub-sections of the console.


This page provides a brief view of your Action's analytics and quick setup, build, and deployment options. The headings in each section take you to the related page in the other sections of the console.


This section is where the main development of your Action takes place. The left menu for Develop has the following sub-sections:

  • Invocation: Your Action's invocation through it's display name, and which Google Assistant voice is being used.
  • Actions: Lists the Actions associated with your project. New Actions are added here, and existing Actions are edited (via Dialogflow) from this page.
  • Theme customization: Color, typography, and image options.
  • Account linking: Allows your Action to utilize Google's account linking.
  • Backend services: Options for additional Google backend services. See individual "Learn more" links on the Backend services console page.


This link in the top menu, takes you directly to the simulator for testing your Action.


This section has options available for deploying your Action. The left menu for Deploy has the following sub-sections:

  • Directory information: Assistant directory information related to your Action. These include description, sample invocations, images, contact details, privacy and consent info, and additional Action settings.
  • Location targeting: This sets which countries and regions your Action is available in.
  • Surface capabilities: Specific device capabilities for your Action.
  • Company details: Company, developer, marketing, and business contact information.
  • Brand verification: Options for connecting websites and Android apps to your Action, for verification and cross-platform functionality.
  • Release: Alpha, beta, and production release options for your Action.


This section shows health and usage information for your Action. The left menu for Analytics has the following sub-sections:

  • Usage: Usage charts and information for your Action.
  • Health: Latency and error information related to your Action.
  • Discovery: A list of how users trigger your Action, implicitly and explicitly.
  • Directory: Rating and access information for your Action's directory listing.

More options

Clicking the more more_vert icon, gives you additional options for your Actions project:

  • User preferences: Actions on Google alert settings and communication preferences.
  • Project settings: Project information, developer event invite codes, and language options.
  • Manage user access: User access options in Google Cloud Platform.
  • Send feedback: Feedback form for Action console.
  • Community and support: Links to Actions community sites and support options.