Actions Launcher Addendum

The Actions Launcher is a smart display feature allowing users to easily and predictably launch Actions by touch. Actions Launcher is available on smart displays such as Nest Hub, Nest Hub max, and the Lenovo Smart Display in all markets where smart displays are available.

We aim to include as many Actions in Actions Launcher that meet our bar for consideration as possible. To be eligible for consideration, your Action is required to meet the following criteria, in addition to the general Actions on Google policies:

  1. Actions must have a generic way to launch without the user providing additional context. For example, specifying a channel, movie, song, or other item should not be required for the Actions to work.
  2. Actions must open some form of visual response, such as a carousel of content or information page, in addition to voice-only flows.

    • Actions may open voice-forward content, for example, a weather readout, as long as there is some form of visual response to accompany the experience.
  3. Actions must not launch an unexpected or abrupt interaction, for example:

    • Directly dialing into a meeting without an interim lobby/browse screen.
    • Immediately placing a call without first presenting a list of contacts.
    • Starting media without a media selection screen first.
  4. Actions must not require a Google Home App action (besides account linking)

How Actions appear in Actions Launcher

Selected Actions are eligible to be listed in two areas of Actions Launcher: the top row view and the full list view.

  • The top row displays Actions that are frequently and/or recently launched by the user. For new users, or users who have disabled personal results in their settings, the top row will display popular Actions.
  • The full list view displays an alphabetical list of available Actions for the device.