Rewarded Video

Rewarded video ads allow publishers to offer the user something of value in exchange for engaging with advertising content.

Basic rewarded video ad request

Here's the minimal code needed to create and load a rewarded video ad:

private void RequestRewardBasedVideo()
        string adUnitId = "unused";
        string adUnitId = "ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/5224354917";
    #elif UNITY_IPHONE
        string adUnitId = "ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/1712485313";
        string adUnitId = "unexpected_platform";

    RewardBasedVideoAd rewardBasedVideo = RewardBasedVideoAd.Instance;

    AdRequest request = new AdRequest.Builder().Build();
    rewardBasedVideo.LoadAd(request, adUnitId);

Rewarded video ads adhere to a singleton design. Requests to load an ad are made to a shared instance.

Like interstitial ads, rewarded video ads need to be explicitly shown at an appropriate stopping point in your game, as the following shows:

private void GameOver()
    if (rewardBasedVideo.IsLoaded())

Rewarded video ad events

RewardBasedVideoAd provides ad events to notify you about an ad's lifecycle. These events are of type EventHandler. This example demonstrates how to register for ad events on a rewarded video ad:

// Reward based video instance is a singleton. Register handlers once to
// avoid duplicate events.
if (!rewardBasedEventHandlersSet)
    // Ad event fired when the rewarded video ad
    // has been received.
    rewardBasedVideo.OnAdLoaded += HandleRewardBasedVideoLoaded;
    // has failed to load.
    rewardBasedVideo.OnAdFailedToLoad += HandleRewardBasedVideoFailedToLoad;
    // is opened.
    rewardBasedVideo.OnAdOpening += HandleRewardBasedVideoOpened;
    // has started playing.
    rewardBasedVideo.OnAdStarted += HandleRewardBasedVideoStarted;
    // has rewarded the user.
    rewardBasedVideo.OnAdRewarded += HandleRewardBasedVideoRewarded;
    // is closed.
    rewardBasedVideo.OnAdClosed += HandleRewardBasedVideoClosed;
    // is leaving the application.
    rewardBasedVideo.OnAdLeavingApplication += HandleRewardBasedVideoLeftApplication;

    rewardBasedEventHandlersSet = true;

Since a rewarded video instance is a singleton object, we recommend registering for ad events only once to avoid duplicate events.

The OnAdRewarded event is the only event that contains special event arguments. It passes an instance of Reward with a Type and Amount describing the reward given to the user:

public void HandleRewardBasedVideoRewarded(object sender, Reward args)
    string type = args.Type;
    double amount = args.Amount;
    print("User rewarded with: " + amount.ToString() + " " + type);

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