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Troubleshoot bidding

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When integrating a bidding partner that requires their SDK, the following symptoms indicate an improper integration:

  • The bidding report shows significantly fewer ad requests to that partner than you expect.
  • The a3p parameter in any request after the first ad request is missing.

Follow this checklist to make sure your setup is correct:

  • In the AdMob UI, your AdMob ad unit belongs to the same AdMob app ID that you passed to the Google Mobile Ads SDK.
  • In the AdMob UI, your AdMob ad unit targets a mediation group that has a bidding entry configured for that third-party ad network.
  • In your app code, you initialized the mobile ads SDK and verified the adapter status is READY prior to loading an ad.
  • In your app code, you've included the latest version of the adapter and SDK binaries for the ad source you're trying to integrate with.