Google Mobile Ads Unity Plugin Reference

Reference docs for the Google Mobile Ads Unity Plugin.



AdapterResponseInfo Response information for an individual ad network in an ad response.
AdapterStatus An immutable snapshot of a mediation adapter's initialization status.
AdError Error information about why an ad operation failed.
AdInspectorError Error information about why the ad inspector failed.
AdRequest An AdRequest contains targeting information used to fetch an ad.
AdSize The size of a banner ad.
AdValue The monetary value earned from an ad.
AdValueEventArgs Event args for a paid event.
ApplicationPreferences Interface for accessing and modifying application preference data (SharedPreferences on Android and NSUserDefaults on iOS).
AppOpenAd App open ads are used to display ads when users launch your app.
AppStateEventNotifier Notifies changes in app foreground/background.
BannerView Banner views occupy a spot within an app's layout.
InitializationStatus An immutable snapshot of the Unity plugin's initialization status, categorized by mediation adapter.
InterstitialAd A full page ad experience at natural transition points, such as a page change or an app launch.
LoadAdError Error information about why an ad load operation failed.
MaxAdContentRating The maximum ad content rating.
MobileAds Contains logic that applies to the Google Mobile Ads SDK as a whole.
MobileAds.Utils Contains methods for returning the device scale and safe width.
NativeAdOptions Ad options for configuring the view of native ads.
NativeOverlayAd Native Overlay ads use the Native ad format to show overlays on top of the application.
NativeTemplateId NativeTemplateID defines the Templates that can be used to render Native ads.
NativeTemplateStyle Style options for native templates.
NativeTemplateTextStyle Text style options for native templates.
RequestConfiguration Global configuration used for every AdRequest.
ResponseInfo Information about an ad response.
Reward Describes a reward credited to a user for interacting with rewarded ads.
RewardedAd Rewarded ads reward users with in-app items for interacting with video ads, playable ads, or surveys.
RewardedInterstitialAd Rewarded interstitial ads can serve without requiring the user to opt-in to viewing.
ServerSideVerificationOptions Options for rewarded ad types server-side verification callbacks.
VideoOptions Options for controlling video playback in supported ad formats.



AdManagerAdRequest An AdManagerAdRequest contains targeting information used to fetch an ad from Google Ad Manager.
AdManagerBannerView Banner view that works with Google Ad Manager.
AdManagerInterstitialAd A full page ad experience at natural transition points, such as a page change or an app launch for Google Ad Manager publishers.
AppEvent The app event message sent from the ad.



MediationExtras Extra parameters for mediation custom events.



ConsentDebugSettings Debug settings for testing User Messaging Platform.
ConsentForm A rendered form for collecting consent from a user.
ConsentInformation Utility methods for managing consent information from users.
ConsentRequestParameters Parameters sent on updating user consent info.
FormError Error information about why a form operation failed.