Once you’ve deployed your actions, you may want to track things like adoption, usage, and quality to help you analyze the current state of your actions and answer questions like:

  • How many users do I have? Are my users increasing?
  • Are users confused about what to do or do they say things that my actions don't understand?
  • Do users spend a long time with my actions, or do they regularly cancel the conversation?
  • Which of my actions are most popular, and which have low engagement?

This data helps you identify oppurtunities to improve the long term success of your actions. To let you obtain this data, we’ve let analytics tools providers integrate with Actions on Google, and you can set up these tools in as little as five minutes:


As you develop and deploy your app, you might benefit from adding logging, monitoring, and alerting. Monitoring and alerting tools track uptime and notify you of errors and exceptions. With these tools, you can also debug and test apps with real requests from the Assistant. The following monitoring tools have integrated with Actions on Google: