Events Platform Policies

Merchant and service eligibility

In the Events integration, "merchant" is used to signify the event venue and "service" signifies the event. Read through the following eligibility criteria before beginning an integration. If you have a specific use case that you think should be evaluated for an exception, reach out to your Google business development contact.

Merchant eligibility criteria

For an event venue to be eligible for the Events integration, the venue must match to a business location in the Google Maps database (ex: business name, address, phone number, and website).

Supported Merchant Types

The following table lists the venue types that are supported by the Events integration. Given the wide variety of venues that manage events, this list is not exhaustive of all venue types. This list is updated periodically, check back here to stay up to date.

If you have questions about whether a specific venue type is supported, email your business development contact.

Venue Type Applicable Venues (Not Exhaustive) Not Enabled (Exceptions)
Sports Arena Arena, Stadium, Athletic Field, Athletic Complex, Racetrack, Sports Complex Gyms, Fitness Centers
Performance Space Concert Hall, Opera House, Theater, Convention Center, Gallery NA
Food & Music Restaurant, Lounge, Bar, Brewery, Winery Hotel
Miscellaneous Garden, Park, School/University, Community Center NA

Content Quality Standards

Partners must maintain good merchant and service data quality content. The Actions Center may not display the service, merchant, or integration if we find errors in the quality that would negatively degrade the user experience.

Merchant Name & Address

  • Merchant name must accurately reflect the legal business name of the event venue.
  • Merchant address must accurately reflect the business address of the event venue.

Services Name & Descriptions

  • Service descriptions must be descriptive, and accurately reflect the corresponding event displayed in the events booking module.

  • Service name and localized_description of the event must follow proper capitalization and punctuation per local grammar.

    • Full capitalization, use of emoji or emoticons is not allowed.
    • Use of vulgar or offensive language is not acceptable.
    • Not allowed in name or description:
    • Promotional content, URL, email address, or phone number
    • Payment method
  • Services must be bookable by the general public. A user should not have to purchase a membership or belong to an organization to purchase the ticket on the partner website.

Partner Brand

  • Partner brand name must accurately reflect the legal business name of the event ticket seller.
  • If partner is an events aggregator, the landing page should reflect the branding of the aggregator. The legal business name of the event ticket seller should be apparent on the aggregator landing page.
  • If a partner logo is submitted in the feed, the logo must be the one that officially relates to the brand name of the event ticket seller.
  • Partners must not provide brand names or logos that could mislead end users of their relationship with the venue, performer, or event.

Support and Maintenance Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to Support and Maintenance.

Integration Maintenance and Support

Partner is committed to supporting and maintaining the integration with Google. At a minimum, Partner is committed to the following support functions and standards:

  • Emergency Alert and Emergency Technical Support: Partner will provide high priority support for technical issues which result in the integration being disabled or non-functioning, greatly impacting the user experience, or any other emergency issue. To ensure a positive user experience, the partner will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to and resolve any emergency issues within 1 business day.

  • Non-Emergency Technical Support: Partner will provide standard support for non-emergency technical or production issues which do not disable the integration. To ensure a positive user experience, the partner will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to any non-emergency issues within 2 business days.

  • Post-Launch Integration Health: Partner's integration health should meet the Google Action Center content quality standards and comply with applicable Google Action Center policies such that the end user experience is not degraded.

Partner Takedown Reasons and Issue Descriptions

The Actions Center may disable your integration or inventory as necessary in order to maintain the user experience. If a takedown is required, we will send you a notification and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

This following issue types describes the root causes of inventory takedowns and the associated policies and guidelines.

Partner unresponsive or SLA violation

This is encountered when the Actions Center team reaches out to your team with an issue (technical, user issue, data issue, etc.) and does not hear back within the time outlined in the Support and Maintenance Guidelines.

Alternatively, if the issues identified are not resolved within the timeline given, we may disable your integration. Once the issue is resolved and confirmed by our team, we may restore your integration. You can reach out to the partner support team with the email reference ID you received for status updates or to inform us the issue has been resolved.

Relevant Policy: Support and Maintenance Guidelines

Place Action policy violation

Actions Center requires that Place Actions link(s) must follow specific guidelines to ensure the user experience. For example, Place Actions link(s) must be actionable, lead to a dedicated landing page, and reflect the partner branding displayed on the events booking module. Google's inability to verify performer, venue, or branding details on the landing page may result in listings not being displayed. In case of repeated or egregious performer or venue misrepresentation, the partner may be suspended from the platform.

Relevant Policy: Place Actions Policy

Pricing policy violation

The Actions Center requires partners to send over the lowest ticket price of the event along with applicable taxes and fees. Providing false, placeholder, or otherwise inaccurate information is not supported. Please ensure that the values provided to the Actions Center are accurate and meet our Pricing Policies. Reach out to the partner support team once the issue is resolved.

Bad match or noncompliance of matching policy

Google attempts to match your event venue with Google Maps locations. After the venue data is associated with a location, your events will be eligible to show on the Actions Center. In order to ensure optimal user experience, the Actions Center will attempt to correct matches. However, in the event that there is insufficient information to match with the right maps listing, the Actions Center will take down merchants with bad matches.

If an error occurs while matching and there is nothing to do to resolve it, contact Google Events Support at