An i18nRegion resource identifies a geographic area that a YouTube user can select as the preferred content region. The content region can also be referred to as a content locale. For the YouTube website, a content region could be automatically selected based on heuristics like the YouTube domain or the user's IP location. A user could also manually select the desired content region from the YouTube site footer.

Each i18nRegion resource identifies a region code and a name. The region code can be used as the value of the regionCode parameter when calling API methods like search.list, videos.list, activities.list, and videoCategories.list.


The API supports the following methods for i18nRegions resources:

Returns a list of content regions that the YouTube website supports. Try it now.

Resource representation

The following JSON structure shows the format of a i18nRegions resource:

  "kind": "youtube#i18nRegion",
  "etag": etag,
  "id": string,
  "snippet": {
    "gl": string,
    "name": string


The following table defines the properties that appear in this resource:

kind string
Identifies the API resource's type. The value will be youtube#i18nRegion.
etag etag
The Etag of this resource.
id string
The ID that YouTube uses to uniquely identify the i18n region.
snippet object
The snippet object contains basic details about the i18n region, such as its region code and name.
snippet.gl string
The two-letter ISO country code that identifies the region.
snippet.name string
The name of the region.