Comments: markAsSpam

This method has been deprecated and is no longer supported.

Expresses the caller's opinion that one or more comments should be flagged as spam.

Quota impact: A call to this method has a quota cost of 50 units.

Common use cases


HTTP request



This request requires authorization with at least one of the following scopes (read more about authentication and authorization).



The following table lists the parameters that this query supports. All of the parameters listed are query parameters.

Required parameters
id string
The id parameter specifies a comma-separated list of IDs of comments that the caller believes should be classified as spam.

Request body

Do not provide a request body when calling this method.


If successful, this method returns an HTTP 204 response code (No Content).


The following table identifies error messages that the API could return in response to a call to this method. Please see the error message documentation for more detail.

Error type Error detail Description
badRequest (400) operationNotSupported Comments not based on Google+ cannot be marked as spam.
badRequest (400) processingFailure The API server failed to successfully process the request. While this can be a transient error, it usually indicates that the request's input is invalid.
forbidden (403) forbidden One or more comments could not be marked as spam because of insufficient permissions. The request might not be properly authorized.
notFound (404) commentNotFound One or more of the comments that the request is trying to update cannot be found. Check the values in the request's id parameter to ensure that they are correct.

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