YouTube API v2.0 – Retrieving Data for a Single Video

Note: The YouTube Data API (v2) has been officially deprecated as of March 4, 2014. Please refer to our deprecation policy for more information.

To retrieve information about a single video, you can send a GET request to the following URL. (You need to replace the text videoid with the video's actual video ID.)

Note: The video ID for a video is identified in feed entries by the <yt:videoid> tag. This tag appears in video feed entries – including search results, user-uploaded video feeds, etc. – as well as in favorite video feed entries, playlist feed entries, inbox feed entries and several types of activity feed entries.

The API response to a request for a single video feed entry is an Atom entry that contains information about the video. The root tag of the response is <entry>. The entry itself contains the same tags as the sample feed entry in the Understanding video feeds and entries section.

Retrieving information about the currently logged-in user's videos

To retrieve the most up-to-date information for a video uploaded by the currently logged-in user, send an authenticated GET request to the following URL. Note that your request can use the start-index or max-results parameters but cannot use any other request parameters.

For more information, please see the Checking the status of an uploaded video section.

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