Build your first pass

Ready to build your first Google Wallet pass? Check out these useful resources to help you learn how to build and issue your first pass.

Getting started tutorials

Ready to create and issue your first pass? Check out the Google Wallet API getting started tutorials that walk you through the whole development process from start to finish using your choice of the Google Wallet REST API or Google Wallet Android SDK.

Try the Android tutorial Try the REST API tutorial


Self-guided codelabs walk you through the necessary steps to add a pass to Google Wallet. To get started, choose "Android" if your implementation will be on Android devices only and choose "Web" if your implementation supports Android, Web, Email or SMS.

Android Web

Pass builder

The Pass Builder is an interactive tool that lets you customize and preview a basic pass. All you have to do is fill in the form fields and the Pass Builder will output the Passes Class and Passes Object definitions you can use to create an actual pass.

Pass Builder doesn't support all customizable pass fields, but is a great way to get started and familiarize yourself with some of the most common pass customizations. For a complete list of pass fields, see the reference documentation.

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