With Google Wallet, your customers can tap to pay everywhere Google Pay is accepted, shop with loyalty cards, board a flight, and more, all with just their Android phone.

Use cases

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Make it easy for your customers to add loyalty cards, offers, gift cards, or make in-store payments using their mobile device. Integrate with Google Wallet and engage with users through location-based notifications, real-time updates, and more.
Your users can add tickets and passes for movies, flights, and more, right in Google Wallet.
Google Wallet is simple, secure, and convenient. From digital car keys to campus ID cards, your users can add them all in their Google Wallet.
Offer your patients fast and secure access to their protected health with Google Wallet. From vaccine cards to test records, users can add everything to their device and add them to their Android Home screen.
Use the Generic pass when your use case does not fit into any of our other pre-defined types. From gym memberships to library cards, insurance cards to parking passes, you can customize generic passes to meet your customers' needs.
Find the latest developer tools and samples to help you build wallet objects.
Make quick adjustments to the design of your loyalty card in Google Wallet, and get the code snippet in your preferred language.
Browse and clone sample integrations for each vertical and programming language (Java, C#, Python, PHP, JavaScript)
Explore self-guided codelabs and gain firsthand experience with Google Wallet APIs.

Product news

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The Pass Converter lets you take existing passes for one wallet application, convert them, and make them available in your mobile or web application for another wallet platform.
The Google Wallet API code samples repository shows how to create classes, objects, Add to Google Wallet links, and manage issuer accounts. Each supported language includes detailed documentation comments compatible with most popular IDEs.
Learn about the benefits of using the new Google Wallet Android SDK to digitize wallet objects on Android, and explore developer resources to help you integrate.
Enable fast, simple checkout, passes, and more within your Android app or website.