How video SEO features helped three global content publishers reach their audiences more effectively

Published on July 19, 2023

Videos continue to grow in importance as a format for content creation and consumption on the web, and they can appear in Google Search results across all platforms and locales. Google aims to identify, understand, and display useful videos from around the web, helping people find relevant content and making it easier to consume.

By following the Video SEO best practices and using the Search Console Video indexing report, Video Rich Result Status report, and Performance report to monitor, fix, and measure videos on Search, many web publishers have achieved greater discoverability of their video content across Search surfaces, and increased traffic to their site. Here are a few success stories. saw the number of indexed video pages increase 2x appearing as a video result in Google Search, part of IBM's The Weather Channel brand, noticed after implementing the video markup that the number of video pages indexed by Google more than doubled, making the videos more easily discoverable by users.

Lea Ann Leming, head of content strategy and product for, said: "Our team is passionate about serving the consumer and keeping people safe and informed in the face of weather, whether that's to help plan their daily activities or to help them take strides to protect their families during severe weather. We produce an immense amount of videos daily, and ['s] ability to properly optimize [video pages'] discoverability gives our users yet another way to find the weather information they need and expect from our brand."

During the implementation process the team used both the Rich Results Test and the Search Console Video indexing report. "These are great tools to check for the effectiveness of the schema as we iterate."


Increase in indexed video pages

Italiaonline noticed an 841% increase in video clicks and 85% decrease in video indexing errors

Italiaonline is one of Italy's leading digital groups and owns highly visited national network websites. Across the various services and multiple domains, Italiaonline reaches 62% of the Italian market, with 27.2M unique users.

An Italiaonline website appearing as a video result in Google Search

Domenico Pascuzzi, Marketing Director Publishing at Italiaonline, told us: "Today, video is the most engaging online content type, that's why we prioritized implementing Videos on Search best practices to boost organic search rankings of our video contents and unleash new video opportunities for our clients."

"The integration process went smoothly thanks to the documentation provided," said Gionata Matteucci, Publishing & Adv Technical Development Director at Italiaonline.

In order to monitor the performance of their videos pages post implementation, Italiaonline used the Search Console video indexing report, which also provided insights on what still needed to be fixed. With that in mind, they implemented video structured data and saw a 841% increase in video clicks and 353% increase in impressions in organic Search, while video indexing errors decreased by 85%.


Increase in video clicks on Google Search


Decrease in video indexing errors

ABP News enhanced their discoverability in their 8 regional languages, leading to 30% traffic growth

ABP News appearing as a video result in Google Search

ABP News is a large news publisher in India with a large corpus of video content across 8 regional languages. ABP optimized their content discoverability on Google by adding structured data, adopting the video best practices on Search and piloting new features like Video key moments.

"ABP Network has extensive video coverage which is key for our news content expansion. By implementing the video best practices across all our 8 regional languages we have improved discovery of our video content leading to a 30% growth in traffic."—Avinash Pandey, Chief Executive Officer, ABP Network


Growth in traffic from Google