Google Developer Profile is a way to learn about Google technologies and unlock achievements. Your profile captures your achievements with badges and saves your progress as you complete pathways, which include codelabs and videos.

Currently, Google Developer Profile is in an open beta. Your feedback is critical in ironing out any issues before launching, so please share your thoughts and suggestions by selecting Send feedback at the bottom of any Developer Profile page.


What are badges?

See Badges.

What are pathways?

Pathways are ordered collections of related content, such as videos and codelabs, which help you learn a specific developer tool or concept. Upon finishing a pathway, you can complete a quiz to earn a badge. Visit developers.google.com/learn/pathways to get started.

What happens if I make my profile public?

Making a profile public makes your profile (developers.google.com/profile/u/me) viewable by anyone online. This includes your name, image, role, company or school, bio, badges you've received, stats, and your social media links (including Github, Gitlab, Twitter, Linkedin, and Stackoveflow). Your pages saved, pages rated, and events attended are not part of your public profile.

You can change your profile settings under the Account tab at developers.google.com/profile/u/me/settings.

What is a personalized custom URL?

When you make your Developer Profile public, you can set a personalized custom URL that lets you easily share your profile on social media, resumes, and other online forums. This link redirects users to your public profile. Your personalized link works with g.dev/ and https://developers.google.com/profile/u/me.

Important note: Personalized custom URL changes are limited to 1 every 30 days. Once a custom URL is deleted, it cannot be reserved again by anyone for at least 30 days.

Can I have more than 1 custom URL?

Custom URLs are limited to 1 per profile, but you can change your custom URL once every 30 days.

How do I transfer my custom URL from one profile to another?

If you want to transfer your existing custom URL to a new account, change the custom URL on your old profile and reclaim the URL you want to keep with your new profile. Please note, you can only change your custom URL once every 30 days.

Why was my account turned to private?

If we reasonably believe content in your profile violates our content policy, your account will be switched to private and the content in your profile will be deleted. You will not be able to make your account public again for at least 60 days. Google also reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access to the services or delete your Google account, as described in the Taking action in case of problems section of the Google Terms of Service.

What happens when I integrate my profile with a third party app or service?

If you authorize an application to access your Google Developer profile, that application will be able to see your profile information, even if you have not made your profile public. Learn more about how to manage third-party apps & services with access to your account.

Where is my developer profile?

You can sign in and access your Google Developer Profile by going to developers.google.com/profile/u/me.

How do I edit my profile?

You can edit your profile by going to developers.google.com/profile/u/me.

How much does it cost?

Google Developer Profile is free and open to anyone with a Gmail or Google-supported account.

Why am I unable to create a profile with my Google Workspace account?

Google Developer Profile supports Google Workspace account types; however, if you are getting an error you might need your organization’s administrator to enable access to the Google Developers service.

For more information, see Turn Google Developers on or off for users.

How do bookmarks, collections, and Saved Pages work?

See Saved Pages and Collections.

What is a release note?

A release note is a summary that captures recent changes, enhancements, and bug fixes. When one of your Saved Pages is updated and a release note is published, you receive an in-site notification highlighting the change. You can also opt in to receive a weekly email containing the release note updates by visiting the Notifications tab under Settings and checking the box next to Release notes.

Can I transfer/merge my account with another profile?

Currently, you cannot transfer or merge your Developer Profile with another account. It's encouraged to use your personal account (when appropriate) for your Developer Profile to ensure you retain all the badges and information.

How can I delete my account data?

When signed in, click Settings > Account > Close account to delete your account.

Where should I file issues or feedback?

As a beta user, your feedback is critical in ironing out any remaining issues before launching. Please share your thoughts and suggestions by selecting Send feedback at the bottom of any Developer Profile page.