Data Cards Playbook: Transparent documentation for responsible AI

Learn about the Data Cards Playbook, a toolkit that can help you navigate transparency challenges with your AI datasets.


Introduction to the Data Cards Playbook


Learn about the Data Cards playbook, a toolkit for transparency in AI-dataset documentation.

Module 1: Ask


Learn how to define what transparency means to your organization and stakeholders, and co-create a schema that captures the human decisions and invisible explanations that shape datasets.

Module 2: Inspect


Learn how to refine and validate your metadata schema, test it with real-world datasets to include feedback, decide which questions to automate and how to do so, and keep responses people-centric.

Module 3: Answer


Learn how to use the guidance in the Data Cards Playbook to produce Data Cards that readers of different backgrounds can easily understand and rely upon for their decisions.

Module 4: Audit


Learn how to audit your Data Cards with structured assessments and user studies, and capture the impact of your Data Cards based on organizational goals for transparency.

Put it all together


Learn how to use a step-by-step workflow, and adapt it to your context and team's practices.

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