Provides the detail of a PrimaryStatus. Each asset link has a PrimaryStatus value (e.g. NOT_ELIGIBLE, meaning not serving), and list of corroborating PrimaryStatusReasons (e.g. [ASSET_DISAPPROVED]). Each reason may have some additional details annotated with it. For instance, when the reason is ASSET_DISAPPROVED, the details field will contain additional information about the offline evaluation errors which led to the asset being disapproved.

JSON representation
  "reason": enum (AssetLinkPrimaryStatusReason),
  "status": enum (AssetLinkPrimaryStatus),

  // Union field details can be only one of the following:
  "assetDisapproved": {
    object (AssetDisapproved)
  // End of list of possible types for union field details.

enum (AssetLinkPrimaryStatusReason)

Provides the reason of this PrimaryStatus.


enum (AssetLinkPrimaryStatus)

Provides the PrimaryStatus of this status detail.

Union field details. Provides the details associated with the asset link primary status. details can be only one of the following:

object (AssetDisapproved)

Provides the details for AssetLinkPrimaryStatusReason.ASSET_DISAPPROVED


Details related to AssetLinkPrimaryStatusReasonPB.ASSET_DISAPPROVED

JSON representation
  "offlineEvaluationErrorReasons": [
    enum (AssetOfflineEvaluationErrorReasons)

enum (AssetOfflineEvaluationErrorReasons)

Provides the quality evaluation disapproval reason of an asset.


Enum describing the quality evaluation disapproval reason of an asset.

UNSPECIFIED Not specified.
UNKNOWN Used for return value only. Represents value unknown in this version.
PRICE_ASSET_DESCRIPTION_REPEATS_ROW_HEADER One or more descriptions repeats its corresponding row header.
PRICE_ASSET_REPETITIVE_HEADERS Price asset contains repetitive headers.
PRICE_ASSET_HEADER_INCOMPATIBLE_WITH_PRICE_TYPE Price item header is not relevant to the price type.
PRICE_ASSET_DESCRIPTION_INCOMPATIBLE_WITH_ITEM_HEADER Price item description is not relevant to the item header.
PRICE_ASSET_DESCRIPTION_HAS_PRICE_QUALIFIER Price asset has a price qualifier in a description.
PRICE_ASSET_UNSUPPORTED_LANGUAGE Unsupported language for price assets
PRICE_ASSET_OTHER_ERROR Human raters identified an issue with the price asset that isn't captured by other error reasons. The primary purpose of this value is to represent legacy FeedItem disapprovals that are no longer produced.