An ad parameter that is used to update numeric values (such as prices or inventory levels) in any text line of an ad (including URLs). There can be a maximum of two AdParameters per ad group criterion. (One with parameterIndex = 1 and one with parameterIndex = 2.) In the ad the parameters are referenced by a placeholder of the form "{param#:value}". For example, "{param1:$17}"

JSON representation
  "resourceName": string,
  "adGroupCriterion": string,
  "parameterIndex": string,
  "insertionText": string


Immutable. The resource name of the ad parameter. Ad parameter resource names have the form:




Immutable. The ad group criterion that this ad parameter belongs to.


string (int64 format)

Immutable. The unique index of this ad parameter. Must be either 1 or 2.



Numeric value to insert into the ad text. The following restrictions apply: - Can use comma or period as a separator, with an optional period or comma (respectively) for fractional values. For example, 1,000,000.00 and 2.000.000,10 are valid. - Can be prepended or appended with a currency symbol. For example, $99.99 is valid. - Can be prepended or appended with a currency code. For example, 99.99USD and EUR200 are valid. - Can use '%'. For example, 1.0% and 1,0% are valid. - Can use plus or minus. For example, -10.99 and 25+ are valid. - Can use '/' between two numbers. For example 4/1 and 0.95/0.45 are valid.