Google Apps Script quickstart

Quickstarts explain how to set up and run an app that calls a Google Workspace API.

Google Workspace quickstarts use the API client libraries to handle some details of the authentication and authorization flow. We recommend that you use the client libraries for your own apps. This quickstart uses a simplified authentication approach that is appropriate for a testing environment. For a production environment, we recommend learning about authentication and authorization before choosing the access credentials that are appropriate for your app.

Create a Google Apps Script that makes requests to the Google Drive Activity API.


  • Create the script.
  • Enable the Google Drive Activity API.
  • Run the sample.


  • A Google Account
  • Access to Google Drive

Create the script

  1. Create a new script by going to
  2. Replace the contents of the script editor with the following code:

 * Lists 10 activity for a Drive user.
 * @see
function listDriveActivity() {
  const request = {
    pageSize: 10
    // Use other parameter here if needed.
  try {
    // Activity.query method is used Query past activity in Google Drive.
    const response = DriveActivity.Activity.query(request);
    const activities = response.activities;
    if (!activities || activities.length === 0) {
      console.log('No activity.');
    console.log('Recent activity:');
    for (const activity of activities) {
      // get time information of activity.
      const time = getTimeInfo(activity);
      // get the action details/information
      const action = getActionInfo(activity.primaryActionDetail);
      // get the actor's details of activity
      const actors =;
      // get target information of activity.
      const targets =;
      // print the time,actor,action and targets of drive activity.
      console.log('%s: %s, %s, %s', time, actors, action, targets);
  } catch (err) {
    // TODO (developer) - Handle error from drive activity API
    console.log('Failed with an error %s', err.message);

 * @param {object} object
 * @return {string}  Returns the name of a set property in an object, or else "unknown".
function getOneOf(object) {
  for (const key in object) {
    return key;
  return 'unknown';

 * @param {object} activity Activity object.
 * @return {string} Returns a time associated with an activity.
function getTimeInfo(activity) {
  if ('timestamp' in activity) {
    return activity.timestamp;
  if ('timeRange' in activity) {
    return activity.timeRange.endTime;
  return 'unknown';

 * @param {object} actionDetail The primary action details of the activity.
 * @return {string} Returns the type of action.
function getActionInfo(actionDetail) {
  return getOneOf(actionDetail);

 * @param {object} user The User object.
 * @return {string}  Returns user information, or the type of user if not a known user.
function getUserInfo(user) {
  if ('knownUser' in user) {
    const knownUser = user.knownUser;
    const isMe = knownUser.isCurrentUser || false;
    return isMe ? 'people/me' : knownUser.personName;
  return getOneOf(user);

 * @param {object} actor The Actor object.
 * @return {string} Returns actor information, or the type of actor if not a user.
function getActorInfo(actor) {
  if ('user' in actor) {
    return getUserInfo(actor.user);
  return getOneOf(actor);

 * @param {object} target The Target object.
 * @return {string} Returns the type of a target and an associated title.
function getTargetInfo(target) {
  if ('driveItem' in target) {
    const title = target.driveItem.title || 'unknown';
    return 'driveItem:"' + title + '"';
  if ('drive' in target) {
    const title = || 'unknown';
    return 'drive:"' + title + '"';
  if ('fileComment' in target) {
    const parent = target.fileComment.parent || {};
    const title = parent.title || 'unknown';
    return 'fileComment:"' + title + '"';
  return getOneOf(target) + ':unknown';

  1. Click Save .
  2. Click Untitled project, type Quickstart, and click Rename.

Enable the Google Drive Activity API

  1. Open the Apps Script project.
  2. Click Editor .
  3. Next to Services, click Add a service .
  4. Select Drive Activity API and click Add.

Run the sample

In the Apps Script editor, click Run.

The first time you run the sample, it prompts you to authorize access:

  1. Click Review permissions.
  2. Choose an account.
  3. Click Allow.

The script's execution log appears at the bottom of the window.

Next steps