<GCKRemoteDisplayChannelDelegate> Protocol

<GCKRemoteDisplayChannelDelegate> Protocol Reference


Delegate protocol for GCKRemoteDisplayChannel.

Inherits <GCKCastChannelNSObject>.

Instance Method Summary

(void) - remoteDisplayChannelDidConnect:
 Called when the channel connects to the receiver. More...
(void) - remoteDisplayChannel:didBeginSession:
 Called after beginSessionWithConfiguration:error: succeeds. More...
(void) - remoteDisplayChannel:deviceRejectedConfiguration:error:
 Called after beginSessionWithConfiguration:error: fails. More...

Method Detail

- (void) remoteDisplayChannelDidConnect: (GCKRemoteDisplayChannel *)  channel

Called when the channel connects to the receiver.

An app should use this method to create and customize a GCKRemoteDisplayConfiguration, then call beginSessionWithConfiguration:error: to negotiate session parameters with the receiver and eventually start sending frames.

- (void) remoteDisplayChannel: (GCKRemoteDisplayChannel *)  channel
didBeginSession: (id< GCKRemoteDisplaySession >)  session 

Called after beginSessionWithConfiguration:error: succeeds.

The session object returned to the app is live and ready to accept frames. An app must send at least one audio or video frame within 15 seconds of this method being called or the receiver will disconnect.

- (void) remoteDisplayChannel: (GCKRemoteDisplayChannel *)  channel
deviceRejectedConfiguration: (GCKRemoteDisplayConfiguration *)  configuration
error: (GCK_NULLABLE NSError *)  error 

Called after beginSessionWithConfiguration:error: fails.

The error parameter will indicate the cause of failure if known. An app can decide to modify the configuration and try beginning a session again based on the error or other logic.

Google Cast iOS Sender API Reference v 2.10.1 4691