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FieldDropdown class

Class for an editable dropdown field.


export declare class FieldDropdown extends Field<string> 

Extends: Field<string>


Constructor Modifiers Description
(constructor)(menuGenerator, validator, config) Constructs a new instance of the FieldDropdown class
(constructor)(menuGenerator) Constructs a new instance of the FieldDropdown class


Property Modifiers Type Description
ARROW_CHAR static string
CHECKMARK_OVERHANG static number Horizontal distance that a checkmark overhangs the dropdown.
clickTarget_ SVGElement | null
CURSOR string Mouse cursor style when over the hotspot that initiates the editor.
MAX_MENU_HEIGHT_VH static number Maximum height of the dropdown menu, as a percentage of the viewport height.
menu_ protected Menu | null The dropdown menu.
menuGenerator_? protected MenuGenerator (Optional)
SERIALIZABLE boolean Serializable fields are saved by the serializer, non-serializable fields are not. Editable fields should also be serializable.


Method Modifiers Description
createSVGArrow_() protected Create an SVG based arrow.
createTextArrow_() protected Create a tspan based arrow.
doClassValidation_(newValue) protected Ensure that the input value is a valid language-neutral option.
doValueUpdate_(newValue) protected Update the value of this dropdown field.
dropdownDispose_() protected Disposes of events and DOM-references belonging to the dropdown editor.
getOptions(useCache) Return a list of the options for this dropdown.
getText_() protected Use the getText_ developer hook to override the field's text representation. Get the selected option text. If the selected option is an image we return the image alt text.
onItemSelected_(menu, menuItem) protected Handle the selection of an item in the dropdown menu.
render_() protected Draws the border with the correct width.
shouldAddBorderRect_() protected Whether or not the dropdown should add a border rect.
showEditor_(e) protected Create a dropdown menu under the text.