User Data Treatments

In some circumstances there are special constraints on what can be done with user data for an ad request. These are called User Data Treatments. The BidRequest.UserDataTreatment enum specifies all the different User Data Treatments that can be applied to an ad request. When at least one User Data Treatment is applicable to an ad request, the corresponding enum value(s) will be added to the BidRequest's user_data_treatment field.

When a BidRequest contains one or more User Data Treatments, any user-related data will not be sent unfettered. Specifically, this applies to the following fields:

  • BidRequest.google_user_id
  • BidRequest.hosted_match_data

Carveout use cases

In some cases a user data treatment allows using user data for some carveout use cases such as frequency capping or spam protection (note that each User Data Treatment may have different applicable carveouts). If you are interested in receiving user data for the allowed carveout use cases, you will need to make some modifications to your bidder.

Authorized Buyers supports passing user data in special fields when User Data Treatments apply. Your bidder must be whitelisted for each User Data Treatment for which you wish to receive data.

To receive this data, talk to your Technical Account Manager and certify that your bidder handles data appropriately for each User Data Treatment you have implemented. Your Technical Account Manager will then whitelist your account to receive this data. The data will be sent in new fields to avoid accidental usage:

Field New field
google_user_id constrained_usage_google_user_id
hosted_match_data constrained_usage_hosted_match_data
mobile.encrypted_advertising_id mobile.constrained_usage_encrypted_advertising_id
mobile.encrypted_hashed_idfa mobile.constrained_usage_encrypted_hashed_idfa

Available user data treatments

The up-to-date list of User Data Treatments is available in the BidRequest.UserDataTreatment enum in realtime-bidding.proto. Note that new User Data Treatments may be added in the future.

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