To ensure that Google sends you the most appropriate impression calls, you can pretarget impressions to receive requests for only the impressions that match your targeting criteria by using one of the following:

Quota management

The quota system manages quota by these four locations (see Trading Locations under Peering for details):

  • North America (East Coast)
  • North America (West Coast)
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific

In each trading location you can define multiple bidding endpoints (up to 8), each identified by a URL (for example, to which Authorized Buyers sends bid requests. Each bidding endpoint has its own callout limit (in callouts per second)—you can configure the endpoints and their limits by contacting your technical account manager or through the Buyer API.

The quota system guarantees that an endpoint does not get more callouts than its callout limit. If in a trading location where there are less pretargeted impressions than the total endpoint capacity, the quota system balances the callouts among the endpoints. The quota system also implements error throttling—if an endpoint has high callout error rate, the system lightens its load by enforcing a stricter callout limit than the configured one. If there is spare capacity in other endpoints in the same trading location, error throttling will cause the callouts to shift to them; otherwise the excess pretargeted impressions will be dropped.

Because quota management comes after pretargeting, it does not affect the total number of pretargeted impressions in a trading location. It can only shift callouts among endpoints in the same trading location, or drop excess pretargeted impressions if the callout capacity is exhausted.