Real-time Bidding API


You can use the Real-time Bidding API to manage your RTB integration with Google. Here are some things you can do with the Real-time Bidding API:


Many operations in the Real-time Bidding API are performed in the context of a specific bidder or buyer, so most API resources are directly under one of these two resources.

Bidders place bids for ad inventory on behalf of one or more buyers. In Real-time Bidding, Bidders are represented by the bidders resource. You can use the bidders resource and its sub-resources to manage a Real-time Bidding integration, or act on one or more resources for associated buyers.

Buyers place ads and are billed for ad placements. In Real-time bidding, buyers are represented by the buyers resource.

As a bidder, you can also act as a buyer if you bid on your own behalf. This is represented in the API by bidders and buyers resources with the same resource ID.

The bidders and buyers resources are read-only. If you need to modify values for either resource, choose one of the following: